So far…

So I’ve been making bags, they seem to lend themselves well to carrying off all kinds of prints – things you might love but wouldn’t really want to wear as clothing can be ace on bags, you can go a bit gaudier on your accessories :-) 70% of my wardrobe is black but I love a funky bag! I’ve also made a few little purses, pouches and makeup bags, I’m trying out patterns and techniques with different fabrics and hoping to get a bit of stock ready so I can open up an Etsy shop and hopefully have a stall at local craft fairs and maybe some festivals over the summer.

I am also, of course, collecting fabrics like there’s no tomorrow… I can’t wait to make them into something! 2015-03-27 10.17.50 2015-03-06 14.01.262015-03-24 21.35.48 2015-03-12 12.36.37 2015-04-10 19.50.55

Her’s a little taste of what I’ve been buying and making recently, I’m sorry I haven’t figured out how to arrange my photos and make them look a bit nicer on the page!

My nest step is going to be looking into making more structured ‘proper’ handbags which I expect will entail spending two days at the computer trying to figure how not to have to spend £20 on interfacings per bag :-/

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My ‘new’ Blog!

Welcome to my new old blog, I’ve scrapped all the old posts and I’m starting again (again!) Over the past year I’ve slowly rediscovered my love of making beautiful things, especially of sewing and above all of the massive array of beautiful fabrics that’s out there! I’m like a kid in a sweet shop browsing fabric shops, facebook groups and ebay for more beautiful prints that I have no room for, and dreaming up gorgeous things I can make that I really have no need of. Add this to the nagging feeling that I really am going to have to do something with my life one day (by the time your kids are in their teens they’re not so much of a good excuse to be a ‘stay at home Mum’) and I have convinced myself that maybe my dream of being my own boss and doing something I love for money could actually be a reality……….

So, welcome to my blog, and to my journey, expect some tantrums and possibly a bit of swearing and wish me luck :-)

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